A Lot of you may not know 357 (unless your Shawn or his wife,) yet, because it is a really really new project, but I believe that when the sound gets developed and the material is all laid out, that 357 will be a true contendor in the local Portland scene. It is in it’s infant stages now, but it’s creator (former Dust Head, Sky Under Fire, Freemason) Shawn Holt is definitely not. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Interview: 357

First of all, What is 357 and where does the name come from?

Well, I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. Just kidding, it’s kind of esoteric, Well, it’s very esoteric. It means a lot of things, it all depends on who you ask. And no, it has nothing to do with guns.

What are some of your key influences for 357?

I’m in to a lot of music, I think what I play in the car, on the stereo when I’m cooking or cleaning the house is a bit different then what I hear in other peoples music and say “Yes! I need to add a bit of that to my music” So I think if I had to make a list of influences for 357 it would go like this(don’t judge me). Suicide Commando, Numb, Ministry, and Combichrist.

What is the difference between Sky Under Fire and 357?

357 is more simple, harsh, in some ways, 357 is punk rock compared to Sky Under Fire.

Do you have any plans to play live soon, and what does your live show consist of?

I do! I just need fin people to play with me! I love playing live! I’d like to find a drummer, a keyboardist, and me, I’m a big fan of lots for light and video, but that stuff is down the line, right now I’d just like to put on a melt your face off show, I love bands that really give it 110% live. From little bands playing in basements in the suburbs, to Nine Inch Nails destroying more gear then I will ever even own, and selling out arenas world wide. I love high energy shows, that was one thing I missed about going to punk show back in Cleveland growing up, it was fun. I’m not a fan of some dude just sitting behind a laptop, I remember going to a power noise show about 9 years ago, I was so stoked to see it live, I thought it was gonna be some big show, with like 3 drummers and what not, I was sadly disappointed, got drunk, and peed in the ice machine at the club.

Do you have any plans for a demo release?

I do in deed, I just need to do a bit of vocal work, and I should have it out by mid spring. Should have about 5 or 6 songs.

What are your top 5 albums of all time?


1. the Cure – Disintegration
2. the clash – London Calling
3. Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
4. the Jesus and Mary Chain – Honeys Dead
5. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

What new releases are you currently listening to?

Nothing, I’m addicted to Breaking Bad as of late, I need help.

If you could tour with any band (dead or alive,) who would it be?

Suicide Commando, I have never seen them live in for real life, but they seem to put on one hell of a show. Or Nitzer Ebb, again, high energy shows.

Favorite movie right now?

Book of Eli, it’s a good movie, you can watch it with your eyes close, and it’s still amazing. The Score is so fucking good.

If you had the choice to watch 1 hour of COPS or 16 straight hours of Made for TV Christmas specials on Lifetime (television for woman), what would you choose?

Well, I’m not a fan of seeing women getting raped or beaten, so life time is out, and I hate Christmas. So I’ll go with COPS, I’d go with COPS any time, remember I’m from Cleveland Ohio, it’s good to see my old crew and family finely getting on TV.

Favorite video game of all time?

Old school Zelda for NES!

If your car broke down in a snowy mountain pass after a fun filled hike in the unexpected snow and you were to skid down the mountain road and wait hours for AAA to get there, what are 5 things that you would bring to survive? (this is a true story BTW, it happened to us)

Wow, this just made my night!
1. Cook wear
2. Food
3. Guns and ammo, it would give us something to do to pass the time.
4. Box of really nice cigars to go with #5!
5. Glenlivet, it would be keep me warm!

That was a fun day, it coast me $80, but I’d do it again!