Review: Better Beings - Surface

Better Beings – Surface

Better Beings is the electronic UFO calling side project of Portland local band Bryan Minus. Their first album has recently been self released online and is chock full of amazing stories from planets beyond our own. The concept of Surface is based around the idea that ecclectic beings have come to earth and observed all of the horrors that mankind has become.

With heavy base and catchy synth lines, Surface is a great first release, along the lines of IAMX and Moving Units. The first track, Message, brings you right in to the world - “There is something hidden/ written in the sky/ some kind of message/ force to defy/ a message from the future..”

The genius of Surface is the emotional duality that is explored as the album progresses. Waves explores the greed and need for fame in human nature and how it is all cyclical. Not only do you have dance friendly beats, roving baselines, and screeching video game like synthesizers (which are becoming increasingly more prominent in the genre,) you also get philosophical depth!

I believe that Better Beings will have no trouble finding a home on a prominent label if they decide that is what they want for the project. I also think that the music is versatile enough to fit in with a lot of genres. I am very excited to see this project grow and infect all awaiting human life forms.

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