Review: Digiflesh - Nothing Real

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(The Nothing Real EP is available for Free Download on BandCamp)

Please excuse the short nature of this review, I was only sent three songs from the EP and that I dont really feel like rambling. That being said, the three tracks that I did receive are very good!

Digiflesh is an independent music project from New Jersey her in the USA. Very secretive. Very under promoted.

There are a lot of elements in the Nothing Real EP that I enjoy. There is an underlying old school EBM feel. I hear a lot of Front 242 influence, which I think needs to come back on a broader scale. “Locked Inside,” the final track of three, has a very headhunter feel to it, which I thoroughly enjoy. It is a little out of the ordinary for me to be alright with cleanish vocals (because I’m a terrorEBM snob,) but the vocals presented on Nothing Real are very solid – reminds me of Neuroactive a bit.

I am definitely looking forward to more material from this artist.